ZiiP Pods Make a Great, Less Expensive Alternative for JUUL pods

JUUL pods are considered the best and most satisfying alternative to cigarette smoking, what with the nicotine salts it contains that deliver cigarette-like strength.

Along with that high quality and reputation is a hefty price. You get what you pay for, of course.

But if you want to continue to enjoy your JUUL e-cigarette vaporizer without necessarily using the JUUL pods, you will find a cheaper alternative with the Ziip pods.

Manufactured by Ziip Labs, it comes in 5 different pod flavors with each one compatible with the PAX JUUL closed system device. Score for the smart vapor user.

What are ZiiP Pods for the JUUL Devices?

These are third-party e-liquid pods that are designed specifically to work with the JUUL e-cigarette vaporizer system. They are available in two nicotine variants – 1.8 % (18mg) and 3% (30mg).

Just like the JUUL pods, they are made of nicotine salts instead of a free base nicotine, so the e-juice is guaranteed intensely satisfying.

What is great about the ZiiP Pods?

Versatile choice

Think of it this way; one JUUL e-cigarette vaporizer, two e-juice options. Depending on your preference, you can use a JUUL pod with the JUUL system at one time and a ZiiP Pod the next.

If you want to test out several flavors with the JUUL vaporizer, you don’t need to limit your options because both pod types come in different flavors.

Affordable alternative

Price is often one of the reasons that people look for an alternative, and the case with ZiiP Pods is no different. At a more cost-friendly place, you can roughly get two ZiiP Pods for one JUUL pod. With each four-pack offering you 1ml of 30mg strength nicotine, you not only save money but also enjoy a more satisfying vapor.

More flavors available

Both ZiiP Pods and JUUL pods come in different flavors. Since you can use both with one JUUL system, you can be flexible with your choice of e-juice.

  • ZiiP Pod Flavors
    • Cappuccino gives you your daily dose of caffeine without the need to brew or make hot water. Chuck out those coffee mugs and just puff.
    • Mango lets you enjoy the taste of ripe, freshly picked mangoes in cloud version. Talk about picking ‘em right.
    • Mint delivers a refreshing breeze of cooling menthol like you would with a menthol cigarette only better. It smells good too.
    • Strawberry milk lets you satisfy that sweet tooth without the added sugar in your system.
    • Tobacco keeps you close to the real thing in taste and experience.
    • Watermelon gives you a fruity experience with every hit.
  • Possible upcoming JUUL pod Flavors
    • Cucumber mint lets you enjoy the minty taste of crisp peppermint followed by a soothing aftertaste.
    • Fruit medley, as the name suggests, gives you a taste of berries, grapes, and peaches with a hint of herbs.
    • Virginia Tobacco lets you enjoy the rich taste of American tobacco with every hit.
    • Crème Brulee is the perfect indulgence with a mix of crème brulee, vanilla cake, and silky custard, but without the calories that come with the actual decadent dessert.
    • Mango gives a hit of a tropical fruit flavor every time you puff.

Whether it’s a ZiiP Pod or JUUL pods you use, you get the same satisfying experience. With the former, however, you get a good price too.

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