The Worst 5 Beginner Vaping Blunders

We were all new to vaping at one stage, or maybe you just started vaping yourself. Below are the worst 5 beginner vaping blunders that you need to avoid!

With any new activity, there is always a learning curve. Without any help, these mistakes or blunders can leave you out of pocket, or even hurt. We were all new vapers at one time or another, and with some helpful advice, you can help to avoid the worst 5 beginner vaping blunders!

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  1. Choosing A Low-Quality E-Cigarette – There are truly some terrible vaporizers and e-cigarettes available. Most of the models in gas stations and convenience stores are enough to turn any potential vaper off vaping. For as little as $30, you can get a decent beginner vape pen or vaporizer. It will normally include spare coils, spare battery, e-liquid, and tanks. With a small investment, you can have enough good-quality vaping equipment to last you several months. If you’re not sure what to get, speak to someone. Check out a vape store or online about good beginner models.
  2. Not Replacing Your Coil Enough – Your coil doesn’t last forever. Your coil will become dirty and blocked with excess e-liquid, especially if you’re vaping a higher VG e-liquid. You can either clean your coil with isopropyl alcohol or after a few weeks or a month replace it with a new coil. You’ll know that your coil is failing when it feels like your e-cigarette or vaporizer is going flat even though you just charged it.
  3. Choosing E-Liquids That Don’t Suit You – There are some cheap and nasty e-liquids available. Don’t just buy any e-liquids, take some time to choose e-liquids that suit you. If you’re trying to quit smoking, then you’ll want an e-liquid that most resembles the cigarettes you smoke. Start off with a higher-level nicotine, and then work your way down. Just remember, that the strength of nicotine will affect the flavor of your e-liquid. As you start vaping more, you’ll want to experience more flavors and start dropping your nicotine. Don’t buy too much of any e-liquid until you’re sure that you like it!
  4. Careful How You Fill That Tank or Clearomizer – It’s important that you don’t flood your coil. You’ll end up with e-liquid leaking, making a mess, and in your mouth! Carefully fill around the central column of your tank, not inside it. You don’t want to flood your coil. After you fill the tank, allow the coil time to wick and absorb the e-liquid. This should take about 5-10 minutes. If you hit your vaporizer too soon, you’ll end up dry burning the wicking and ruining the coil.
  5. Take Care of Your E-Cigarette or Vaporizer – If you don’t look after your vaporizer, it won’t last, and you’ll have a poor vaping experience. Take the time to read the instructions that came with your vaporizer and follow the maintenance instructions carefully. With a little bit of love and care, your vaporizer or e-cigarette will work better and last longer.

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