Optimising Your Blog Posts for SEO

If you are the owner of a business blog, the chances are that you are already aware of the importance of blogging. However blogging alone is no longer good enough, in addition to blogging people must ensure that they are optimising their blog posts to make them search engine optimisation friendly.

A lot of bloggers across the world fail to take advantage of the enormous marketing potential that their blogs hold – and what is even more shocking is that 65% of businesses with blogs haven’t updated them in the past year.

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If you have a blog you should use it to its full potential, providing relevant fresh content and performing basic blog post optimisation. Keep on reading for some top tips…

SEO Blogging tips

The following tips have been provided by the best SEO Company:

  • Research. Keyword research is incredibly important and should be carried out before creating blog posts. Chances are that you will naturally include keywords in your posts without even realising however there are a variety of free keyword tools available that can be used to ensure that you are including the most beneficial and searched for terms.
  • Utilise keywords throughout your posts. The most beneficial places for keywords to be placed within include titles, headings, subheading, introductory paragraphs, concluding paragraphs, anchor texts, title tags and meta descriptions. Be careful not to stuff your blog posts with keywords though, when you do this posts can become difficult to read and irritate readers.
  • Optimise images. Whenever you upload an image to a blog you should include keywords in the file name and fill in the alternative text field using a brief, keyword rich description of the image that you are using.
  • Reference using other links.When mentioning another blogger or article in your posts you should always include a link to their website/blog – This is not only good blogging etiquette but it will also allow you to possible receive a link back. If you include quality links in your posts, Google are more likely to favour them too.
  • Ask readers to subscribe. Your blog should feature RSS or feed subscription buttons and offer readers the chance to subscribe to your posts visa email. This will allow for readers to receive notifications when you upload new posts.
  • Utilise social media. Whenever you upload a new blog post you should share it across social media to create connections with potential and current customers. This is free to do and could benefit you enormously. There are even free programs available such as Hootsuite to make sharing blogs on social media even easier.

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