How to Use Movavi Video Editor to Flip a Video

There are times when you capture a video in the wrong orientation and later wish you should have captured it in the opposite orientation. You don’t need to worry about this mistake that you make and spend time recapturing the video again. Flipping a video to the right orientation is a simple trick that you can get done in a few seconds with a basic video editor program like Movavi Video Editor. The video flipper has a straightforward interface that is easy enough for beginners to use in flipping their videos to the horizontal/vertical position.

To flip a video, you must first go to the Movavi site to download Movavi Video Editor and run the setup to install it on your computer. Once it is installed, you must open the program and go to the Filters tab. Under Filter tab, you must select the Adjustments category. Now, you must look for the Flip option. The horizontal flip option features a horizontal arrow icon while the vertical flip option features a vertical arrow icon.

Both of the options are located beside one another so you should be able to easily find them. As you click the flip option, you will be able to preview it in the preview area. You can press the play button to see if the entire video is flipped properly to the desired orientation. If you make a mistake in adding the wrong flipping effect, you can click on the star icon in the timeline. Next, you must select the unwanted effect and click on the delete button to remove it.

Another way of flipping your video is to use the rotate button located on the toolbar above the timeline. The rotate button will rotate your video by 90 degrees every time. To rotate the video, you must first select the video in the timeline. Next, you are to click on the rotate button as many times as you want to rotate it to the desired orientation. In the toolbar, you will also see the crop tool which you can use to crop off any unwanted part that you don’t want your audience to see. The crop tool allows you to crop the video with a square cropping frame so that everything outside the square cropping frame will be deleted.

You can save the video after you have adjusted it to the right orientation. Saving the video is easy and you can do this by clicking on the green Export button which can be found in the lower right corner. In the save dialog box, you must select the Save as video tab and choose the appropriate video format in the drop down menu. In the save to field, make sure you specify the folder where you want the video to be saved. In the File Name field, you can enter the name for the video file you just transformed.

You will notice three quality options for the output video including good, high and highest. The higher the quality, the bigger the video output file size will be. Finally, you can click on the Start button to export the video. In just a few seconds, you should see the exported video in the folder where you choose to save in the save dialog box.


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