How to monitor your child’s iPhone without installing any app?

Welcoming a child in your family brings lots of happiness moreover, lots of responsibilities. You are responsible for the good upbringing of your children and their safety as well. The growing kids need lots of care from parents so that they do not get trapped into the dangers of the digital world. Sometimes, parents get strict with their children and try to peep into their privacy that makes the children feel irritated and makes them dislike and disobey their parents.  But, this is not the solution. Parents have to be frank and give full freedom to their children while ensuring that their children remain safe. They can take help of the Parental control feature present in iPhone to keep an eye on their children without letting the children to know about it.

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Review your child’s iPhone activity

If you have the right tools, it is easier for you to keep a check over the iPhone activities of your child. It will ensure you that your child is safe.  You can do monitoring by using the Windows application to monitor iCloud activities of your child’s iOS devices through iphone monitoring software. Parents have to ensure that iOS data backed up is created. It will help the parents to check out the data of their child’s iPhone anytime on their any iOS device.  They will also come to know how their children are using iOS devices. Data on iCloud is safe and secured so creating the backup is not an issue.  Though, you have to remember the password to access the iCloud storage data.

Features that parents can access

With the help of iCloud accessibility through the username and the password, parents can access control of:

  • text
  • message
  • GPS location
  • notes
  • photos
  • contacts
  • whatsapp messages

There is no need to download any kind of additional software for monitoring the activities of your child. Thus, it is easier for the parents to ensure that their children are safe in the digital world.

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