Facts You Did Not Know About Chat Robots

Truth be said, contacting customer agents for most companies can a frustrating thing as they usually respond sluggishly and sometimes keep you on hold to get the information. This is despite the frequent upgrades or best customer experience training they undergo. However, it can be understood that at the time the agent is looking at multiple CRMs and often limited by the slow speed of the many programs they are accessing at the same time.

However, technology has enabled customers to get a fast and easy solution through chatbots. A chatbot is a technological innovation whereby a chat robot can have a conversation with a client without the limitation of technology since they have the AI technology that is built in the software. More often, they use the messenger app to communicate with the client.

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Whenever the client keys in the question, these systems automatically respond fast with the right information. These systems learn from the customers and build interactions. They link with what the customer had asked or previously shopped for and provide reliable and suitable options. This means that they can assess and dig vast volumes of data about the client and give the information that the customer will appreciate. Typically, customers believe that they had had a one on one chat with a company’s customer agent, which is not right.In the long run, these systems have a significant advantage when integrated into the company website, and here are just some of the little-known facts about chat robots:

More customers prefer chat interactions

Statistics state that 49 percent of all customers like conducting their transactions via massaging, texts and chats, which make the demand for chat robots at an all-time high. This study featured 1,000 customers in the US. In the survey, millennials expressed their love for texting saying that is the most effective communication option whenever they need to contact a company. So, if you had not yet thought of integrating chat robots into your site, you better think of it.

Personality vis-à-vis the ease of use

People prefer a robot that solves issues. This again comes in handy with the speed of solving problems. They should be friendly and easy to use, and customers will flock for your services. Studies have shown that customers value speed much more than a successful interaction and accuracy.

Customers buy over chatbot on social media

People use social media to not only get in touch with family and friends but to purchase things. In fact, you can now buy directly from social media sites without the need to leave, link or visit a website, or add items to a shopping cart. This habit is set to grow even more with the introduction of chat robots in the social media.

There is more need to integrate chat robots to your company website. They have many advantages such as reduced calls and emails to your sales reps, generating more leads, enhancing instant customer support, and they offer affordable customer support. If you want to be successful in your business, think along chat bot integration lines.

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