Executive Recruiting Software, a Competitive Must

Executive recruiting software is a must for today’s recruitment market. Unemployment, hovering around 4 percent, is at its lowest in over a decade. Helping your employer clients find the right candidates is not only about searching out those who are the best fit but as well finding them before another employer or recruiting firm finds them. A manual process, with its inherent disorganization, its slow search, its cumbersome tracking, and its lack of security and authority levels, will not keep your recruiting firm competitive. Recruiting software is a must.

Software-focused recruitment can solve many issues inherent in the manual process of searching for job candidates. It will organize candidates far more effectively, and store data that is easily searchable and quickly retrievable.

Executive recruitment software features include:

  • Quick access to a grid that displays every process of the recruitment process, and each candidate in each step.
  • The ability to create lists customized according to your needs. They might be organized by clients, by job candidates, by vendor partners, or however you wish.
  • Easy share, with levels of authorization, of emails and other communications.
  • Organization by groups, such as databases of job candidates, clients, and so forth.
  • Social media downloads
  • The ability to call or email candidates directly from the software platform.
  • Historic tracking of phone and email communications.
  • A calendar that enables scheduling and follow up of interviews, and can be shared with specific staff members
  • The ability to monitor the activity of each user
  • Automated replies to applicants. That is, the “Thank you for applying to x position. We’ll be in touch soon,” that lets the candidate know the application was delivered to the recruiter, and someone will get back to her or him in a timely manner.”

The benefits of executive recruiting software spill over to your employer clients and the candidates as well.  The ability to post jobs quickly and efficiently, to a pre-determined list of media such as newspapers, job boards, social media platforms, blogs, websites and so forth, gives the recruiter and his or her client a jump on its slower, more manual-focused competitors for those candidates. This keeps clients’ cost to hire to a minimum, and helps eliminate the lack of productivity inherent in a position left unfilled for an extensive time period. Recruiting software also eases the digital apply process, paring down open-ended questions and removing redundancies that frustrate job candidates and result in well over half of them leaving the application without completing it.

A recruitment firm not using executive recruiting software to simplify, organize, and speed up the process of finding quality candidates quickly is a recruitment firm that can’t compete.

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