Enjoy watching high resolution videos on your Mac phones

With the ongoing trend of advanced technology it has become very easier for people to stream the videos and hear songs online of their preferred quality. Videos have been the mood boosters for many people and many people find it right to watch only high quality videos. Different videos are available online of different formats and each supports some specific system of phones. Especially the Mac phone users face this problem mostly.

But this problem is not going to be anymore as now with the help of mts converter you can convert any format video to what you need formats. This converter is said to be a powerful decoder and encoder as well. You can easily convert the formats like MPG, MP4, RMVB, 3GP, MPV, DV files, MKV, and other HD videos to your desired phone supportive format. This mts converter for Mac supports 1080i and also 720p video formats in compact size. AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) videos which are based on MPEG 4 codec can easily be played on your Mac phones with the help of this converter.

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How to use the converter?

Download the file from internet on your system and install this software by following all the instructions. Click add media button given on top left corner of converter interface and add your video that you want to convert. Later you have to choose the format in which you want to convert that video. In case you need to run that video on your mobile then you can click on devices tab to fetch out your device model and select it. By default your converted video will be saved to movavi library to make changes you can go on settings option to change the storage path and add the storage location of your choice. Then click convert option to start the process of converting videos and when it will get complete folders where the converted file will be stored will appear automatically.

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