Commercial GPS Gives Facility Operators the Tools They Need

Even the most casual observer of the transportation industry will probably note a distinguishing characteristic of the business, and that is because commercial GPS technology has completely transformed the way business is conducted, inventory is controlled, and the level of efficiency delivered to all levels of the organization resulting in leaner and meaner business entity. 

A surprising factor that has emerged however is the sheer number of businesses that stand to benefit from joining the trend and installing a commercial Global Positioning System into their fleet vehicles which results in an array of advantages that are fully scalable for any business size.

Regardless of the Industry, Commercial GPS is the Answer

There is an array of monitoring options when it comes to installing a commercial GPS system on all your important assets.   As mentioned, long and short-haul trucking firms have widely adopted this technology to keep their finger on the pulse of their operations.  As such, it is no surprise that the advantages found in that industry are easily transferred to other industries.

Landscaping Companies—see the bulk of their employees and equipment out of the yard and out-and-about for large blocks of time during the day, and utilizing a commercial GPS system is the best way to keep track of their comings and goings.

Courier Services—provide a ready way for businesses to move important items and documents from Point A to Point B.  Should your vehicle suddenly appear at Point C therefore, they will receive an alert that their vehicle is out of pocket, relative to where they should otherwise be working.     

Sub-Contracting and Construction—firms require that your teams are constantly on the move from building site to residential customers, and employing a commercial GPS system is the key to understanding and knowing where your construction team is at any given time during the day.

Managing Your Mobile Workforce—with tracking devices gives detailed, real time information regarding where your technicians are at any given moment.  Controlling costs means controlling your employee’s behavior, and a fully integrated GPS system provides the tools to do exactly that.

Energy Companies—operate in an extremely rough environment, and their equipment is often left for months or years at remote locations far off the beaten path.  Utilizing a GPS tracking system allows facility management the ability to accurately track each of these important pieces of equipment.

A commercial GPS system is the latest way for shipping companies, and a host of other industries, to keep track of their important assets including everything from heavy equipment to their vehicle fleet.  Easy to install and easier to use, commercial GPS is transforming the ways that companies do business.

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