Best Intraoral Digital Sensor

When it comes to selecting the Best Intraoral Digital Sensors, you need to know the product and have a good understanding of the underlying factors beyond the product’s features. Notably, this is a major investment, and hence careful considerations should be made regarding the various alternatives which are available to choose from. Unlike most categories of office equipment, in case an error is made during the purchase of this sensor, it can be very hard to rectify that mistake. Below are some things you should consider before choosing an intraoral digital sensor.

Image Quality

Since the introduction intraoral digital sensors, the image quality has constantly improved over time. As such, when comparing different types of sensors, it is important to consider the visual resolution of the sensor which is measured in line pairs per millimeter. You should look for a sensor whose visible resolution is higher than 20 lp/mm.


Before settling on a specific sensor, you should ask your manufacturer or distributor about the most common failures expected from their sensors. Also, you can look for reviews from different sites. Your distributor or manufacturer should guide you on where to get authentic sensor reviews. Notably, sensor failure will not only cause inconveniences but will also lead to negative financial implications.


To ensure that you obtain the best results, it is imperative that you undergo a proper training. Before starting the training, you should seek information regarding the best training providers, and whether there are separate charges associated with the training. If there are additional training charges, you should seek information regarding the charge estimates. In so doing, you will be guaranteed of a proper and effective training.


A good sensor device should have a warranty policy. The length of the warranty should be indicated alongside the purchase details. You should also check if there is an extended annual policy at a certain annual cost. In most scenarios, the warranty should cover a lifespan of five or more years. In case your sensor fails within the warranty period, it should be replaced with a new or refurbished one.


When you are embarking on a digital conversion for the first time, you should look for the newest technology to replace your sensor system. Before doing so, ensure that you understand the manufacturer’s or distributor’s reputation. If you are purchasing the sensor from a local distributor, you should note that they act as the primary support system. As such, you should stay in close contact with them in case you require professional help.


The digital sensor systems are relatively expensive, but you are guaranteed of numerous benefits by using the technology. Notably, the price of the sensors rises about their performance and durability. In case you find an intraoral sensor which is relatively cheap than others, you should seek to know why. At the back of your mind, it is important to know that the support and warranty are key when it comes to choosing the Best Intraoral Digital Sensors and they might factor in the purchase cost. You should not pay less for this technology since you can end up being sorry in future.

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