AvaLAN Wireless: Enabling Secured EMV Upgrades To Cincinnati Based Kroger

Well, AvaLAN Wireless has been a proficient name when it comes to secure networking solutions. This company further continues to demonstrate the current value for critical infrastructure loT application. There are multiple wireless solutions from the same brand, which made this Cincinnati based company, Kroger to fall for it and cover 10,000 fuel dispensers. The UL certified fuel dispenser unit from AvaLAN helps in utilizing he optimized protocols, which are mostly proprietary to the current AvaLAN segment. This session further helps in offering added protection against intercepting transmitted signals. AvaLAN is all set to look forward to this professional relation with Kroger and ready to give its best shot.

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User friendly solutions:

With so many advanced forms of technologies, it becomes rather hard to rely and use the top-graded one. Therefore, this company is all set to design the solutions to be quite user-friendly and easy to understand for the integrators, that is, the Kroger team. Some of these solutions under EMV connectivity products might not be familiar with the said wireless technology. However, the EMV solutions are over the top and would like to cover some customized services from Kroger, as and when asked for. The team is able to install wireless forecourt EMV solutions to the Kroger department within minutes.

Helping you with the installation:

It is a known fact that refitting forecourt with wired EMV solution is nothing but messy. You might even end up with an old technology, such as 2 or 4 wire conversion. During such instances, you need EMV compliance just to keep the credit card transaction of the customers safe. The same rule will be applicable while dealing with Kroger and its 10,000 fuel dispensers. Well, converting old wired forecourt to the new AvaLAN solution is easier than what you have anticipated. It just takes about an hour and you will end up with a secure, robust and fast form of Ethernet data communication.